Tuesday, 4 July 2006


My friend Hannah embroiders t-shirts, and we've started collaborating on them - I knit stuff, she embroiders. We decided to do some children's shirts for the Kinderkunst market. Unfortunately I don't have good photos of the finished shirts, but this is the first one without the embroidery (this one got a pink poodle on the front).

I used bamboo for the main colour, and some bits from a frogged (bought) jersey. The bamboo is silky and shiny - curious to see how it wears, and whether it will become furry or not.

To get the right size for the collar I crocheted a chain and cast on on that, knitted flat, and sewed up the back before sewing it onto the shirt.

ETA: Bad news on the bamboo.... the shirt came back from the market unsold, and was already slightly furry. It hasn't even been worn, never mind washed. The bamboo seems to have as much usability as the cotton from the same company. It's equally splitty when knitting, and hopelessly fluffy.

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