Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Red Juice

I've started inking The Comic, because working on a comic for months and months without inking is like cooking food and not eating it. And come February it will be too hot; the ink will dry on my pen before it even touches the paper.

So: a frame a day, unlettered for now.

This is a comic called "Red Juice - the gateway drug?"


Mrs. Benitez said...

God, yes! Red Cooldrink! My brother and I used to 'eat' ours with a teaspoon to make it last longer.

(I'm delighted to have stumbled across your blog, Jesse - I've just spent a pleasant couple of hours trawling your archives instead of working (as one should). I've been aware of your comic/ illustration work for years, but never had an opportunity to see so much of it in one place. I can't wait for your book to hit the shelves.)

Jesse said...

Yes, it had to be savoured, it was a rare treat. I think the parents were suspicious of it already, way back then!