Monday, 26 March 2007


This isn't the most aesthetically pleasing photograph, as none of the colours profit much from being near each other; but it's a visual list of things I like at the moment.

Clockwise, from the top left corner:
Tea, specifically, Dilmah tea, which really is as good as the packaging promises it will be.
A new fountain pen, so that I can read my own handwriting.
Very pretty wrapping paper.
A stencil for labelling discs, so that I'll know what's on them without having to guess.

And in the background, two ripple stitch scarves, one in 4-ply acrylic and the other in DK wool. I've (finally) fallen for crochet, partly because of all the beautiful ripple blankets I'm seeing everywhere. But I'm far too lazy/busy to make a whole blanket, and I can't bear the thought of yet another unfinished project. Scarves seem do-able.


karrie said...

Wow, that stencil looks neat. And your scarves are lovely. There are a few things that crochet is really good at, and ripples are definitely one of them.

Cristina Salgueiro said...

I've made two summer blankets for my girls exactly with that pattern.
But i used cotton.
It looks very cute.

Becky said...

Where did you get the CD Stencil?
Very cool.

Jesse said...

I found the stencil at my local supermarket! But once they sold out, I never saw them again.