Tuesday, 6 March 2007


I first thought of these about a month ago, drew them up last weekend, cut the stencils this past weekend, and printed them last night. Getting Stuff Done.....

This was just a rough attempt, for the next lot I'll print them on thicker, glossier card so that the white stencilling shows up on it's own better. And I'll use a stencil brush, though I do like the draggy lines. And experiment a bit with PVA, oil paint etc. And cut the stencil from acetate, rather than sticky vinyl, so bits don't break off.

The idea is to make 'component' stencils to mix and match. The white design is part of a crochet doily chart - I love the fragility of it, and the crocheted article never seems to retain that.

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Anonymous said...

love this.