Monday, 9 April 2007

Weekend Knitting

It was a productive long weekend! Some of these will be appearing in my shop this week, others are going to various shops around Cape Town, and I'll be starting another batch.


PATDBoy94 said...

i love your work, it reminds me of the invader zim characters, i hope a lot of people buy them.

P.s. keep on knitting

Anonymous said...

Love your dolls, but you know that already..problem though on Etsy site...when one clicks onto smaller photos to get enlarged view nothing happens...need you to fix this so that I can add all view photo's to my "Jezze- dolls" collection on CD.


Anonymous said...

Problem at Etsy now resolved, they do take awhile to come up though.

Heather Moore said...

Wow! That's incredibly prolific, and incredibly cute too!

Carson said...

I love their plump stripey tummies