Friday, 25 May 2007


There's no date on this, but the style of some of the garments inside, as well as the phrase 'Hospital Comforts for our soldiers and sailors' suggests World War One. There are several intriguing things inside, like patterns for balaclava's with earflaps, no doubt so that the wearer can hear commands on the field telephone, and body belts to warm the kidneys. I draw the line at 'Wither Pads for Horses' though.

'Useful Laces for Towel Ends' was more promising - turns out that crochet edgings done in DK wool make great scarves. They have a lovely weight and drape, and are so warm!

Please excuse the open-mouthed shots! All I had was a small mirror and lots of concentration.


ax174 said...

The purple and green ones are lovely. I'd love to see what they look like when flat.

That Weldon's may be a bona fide heirloom. Interweave Press has republished many from the series ( - the reprints are very popular and hard to find - but I'd never seen an original, until now.

Cristina Salgueiro said...

The purple is my favorite!
And yes they can be warm scarfs, it is not only knitting.
Have a nice day

suzanne said...

Those are really, really beautiful!
Are there more hours in the day in the Southern Hemisphere? :-)

Jesse said...

Thank you! I've posted some flat photos on flickr so you can see what the stitch patterns look like.

I wish there were more hours.... I've made a few requests along those lines, but I suspect I'm not following the proper channels.

Heather Moore said...

The scarves look so lovely all together like that! And I can attest to the beauty of their stitch patterns because I saw them at the market on Saturday (minutes before they were snatched up by eager buyers). Lovely!