Friday, 22 June 2007


Blackbunny becomes Fontbunny.

Vida e Caffe is a chain of coffeeshops with coffee that makes your scalp tingle (that's a good thing!), great food, and a free magazine called Obrigado. Apart from being a good read, Obrigado provides a fine way to look busy when you arrive too early for a meeting.

All coffee shops should be this considerate towards their customers.

The latest issue has a bright green cover with spot varnish that you can't see in this scan...

... and an article about craft, art, and the distance between them that mentions me and Heather, among others.

Click on the picture to see a larger version you can read.


Strcprstskrzkrk said...

Marcel Duchamp? Joseph Beuys? Andy Warhol? I'm glad to see that the years have not made a dent in Miles' pretentiousness quotient!

I hope that your coffee shop meetings are with art dealers to negotiate multi-million pound sums for knitted rabbits in formaldehyde.

Cristina Salgueiro said...

for a minute as i open your post i was thinking, is she going to write in Portuguese? but no, and that's ok. I'm happy for you. and for all the information that is in that article:)
Feliz tricot
(happy knitting)

karrie said...

I love your drawings in the comic of the the actual proces sof knitting. If I ever write a book, will you illustrate it for me?

Congrats on the mention - you deserve it!

suzanne said...

Great bit of publicity for both you and Heather - nice! Your Blackbunny makes a very handsome initial 'T' - if I were made of stronger stuff I'd be inspired to embark on a knitted creature alphabet :-)