Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Stop, thief!

That's what you yell if you see this bag anywhere. It went missing somewhere between South Africa and the USA.

It was a custom order for an Etsy buyer; I'm very sad because I had a great time making it and conferring with her about the exact colours. She was so friendly and enthusiastic throughout the process and I was so looking forward to her receiving it.

I've put production for my Etsy shop on hold for a while (not because of this disaster, but because I have to concentrate on finishing the comic). Everything that's still in the shop is still for sale, but I won't be adding new things for a while. When I start again I think I'll concentrate on making small, flat things, so I can save on shipping and afford proper insurance!


Cristina Salgueiro said...

shame. the bag was very pretty, and the colors fantastic!

Heather Moore said...

What a sad tale. Bloody mail thieves! Hope that handbag swallows up all the money they every put in it.

lori said...

I just stopped by to thank you for your comment about my mom (she is doing really well, thanks) and saw your purse. It's so pretty! What a shame. I really hope it turns up soon.

michelle giacobello said...

Oh no!

I wonder if it was the same person who stole my monkey ;).

So sorry - you know I know how you feel. Kharma is sure to fix them up.

Love your blog by the way :)

ax174 said...

I think the buyer is responsible for paying the insurance. When I buy things on Etsy or eBay, the seller usually gives me the option of having insurance or not, will give me an estimate, and if I agree, will add it to the total cost. If I opt out of the insurance, then it's my fault if the item gets lost.

Jesse said...

You're right, I expressed that badly! I mean 'small, flat things so that the buyer can afford insurance'. Shipping from here is so expensive on larger items that shipping and insurance pretty much doubles the price.

Lara said...

Ohh sorry to hear this. I read recently on another blog about a parcel that went missing for 2 months and then finally arrived on the recipients doorstep - with no apparent reason for the delay. So maybe there's still hope!!

Thanks for your very lovely, and insightful comment on my blog by the way. Much appreciated :)