Friday, 3 August 2007

Food Technologist

You're supposed to eat the stuff, right? Food presentation is sometimes a little too much about the visual, not enough about the consumption.

If you're going to put avocado in a toasted bagel, for instance, try mushing it up, instead of slapping down great slabs that slip out under the slightest pressure....


Cristina said...

that is a thing that i find a lot in the South african restaurants, but yesterday my husband took me to a restaurant, they were south african typical food, and for the first time in two years of being in this country, it looked like i was in Portugal. The plate was big, oval and fuul of food. it was decorated, yes, but it had food in it, not just the pretty thing!
have a nice weekend

Heather Moore said...

Love it. I've had that salad before, I'm sure. I eventually just had to suffer the indignity of bits of rocket hanging out of my mouth as I slowly reeled them in, chomp by chomp. Felt like that print of yours with the roots coming out her nose.