Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Audrey is new in my shop today!

She's the first of a new generation of dolls - each one in this batch really will be one of a kind. I'm not writing the patterns down, or even taking notes as I make them. I'm simply enjoying making them up as I knit, picking colours without wondering whether I have enough, seeing where the shapes want to go.

In recognition of this, each one gets a name. And, not surprisingly, along with a name a small bit of a personality comes peeking out: Audrey's clearly a tomboy, quite smart, generally sweet, but unfortunately sometimes a bit sullen. And she likes to dance. Her name could have been Ethel, but for the long legs.

She's knitted in DK wool, on a circular needle, and all her bits are knitted on, to minimise seaming.


Heather Moore said...

Love her!

Cristina said...

Very cute. It is amazing how can you just create while you knit.

Anonymous said...

Another one, well done.