Friday, 7 September 2007


Clutching a tissue in one hand and a camera in the other, I tried my best to look 'authorly'. (I know there's no such word; more evidence that I don't feel much like an author.)

This is not something I'd recommend if you're feeling icky and hope to improve your mood. It's for the back cover of the comic and only one will be used. I have no idea which is the most suitable, so I'll submit all three and someone else can decide.

That top line really did seem straight until right now! The whole week has been like this - if I'd taken two days off to lounge in bed I would probably have managed to do more work than I've ended up doing.

The good news is that my Ravelry invite arrived this morning, so even though I'd planned to do all sorts of wardrobey things this weekend, I'll be taking photos of wool instead!


Cristina said...

I like the picture in the middle. It is not happy, neither serious! it has a je ne sais quoi, and naugty at the same time ;)
yei, i still remenber something of french, hehehehe

jacqui said...

they're really subtle. i'm struggling to choose between the last two. i think the one in the middle is really intriguing, kind of naughty/sneaky, watching. the last one is clear and open and engaging... strong but a little vulnerable. it's tricky because its bigger than the others. the middle one might be the right mix between you and your work. um.. that's not quite choosing is it? ;)