Friday, 14 September 2007

Hooded Thing

I made this up a little while ago. It's based on Teva Durham's Fair Isle Hooded Capelet from her Loop-d-loop book. It's great for working in, and apparently also good for sneaking up on flamingos.

Instead of a fair isle trim I did a variation of a leaf trim - and I'm not entirely sure if that increase at the back of the neck is in the pattern! Once I had the gist of the shape I just kept knitting. Oh, and I knitted it on 2 needles and sewed it up at the front.

I can't remember what the wool is, other than that it's some sort of Aran weight wool blend. It's already been this and this, so I've had it for a while.


Freshly Found said...

Have been following your blog for a while now and am impressed with your creative knitting ability! The closest I get to "knitting" is buying beautiful 2nd hand jerseys from the charity shop - and remaking them into something else. But I must say your gorgeous socks a while ago did make my fingers itch a little!

The Pinko Bitch said...

I think that's really cute-- I admit I'm a sucker for that kind of shoulder shaping. And Teva Durham.

Christopher de Beer said...

damn i wish there was a "manly" version, id so wear that. its reallly cool :)