Wednesday, 12 September 2007


I've been tagged by Thea, another South African who sells on Etsy. I really can't think of 7 facts about me, so, following the lead of Skinny laMinx, I'm going visual with this one.

7 things I use every day, 7 things that make me happy:

Chair and quilt that belonged to my great-aunt, I think. The quilt is essential for working late at night.

Wooden comb.

The pen holders come from a junk shop; the colours were too good to resist, but luckily they're comfortable to use as well.

Pencils in all the grades I need, always sharp.

Addi needles and a coaster cut from a tube of biscuits. (That's 2 things, but the needles looked very small on their own.)

Sugar bowl from Liesel Trautman.

New teacup from Mr Price Home

The Empire Collective
I want my future to be ... different
The Pinko Bitch Knits
The Shopping Sherpa
Natascha Rosenberg


Samantha said...

Great stuff. I love that chair and quilt. So cozy and pretty!


Sam from Maquette:

Heather Moore said...

Nice one! Tagging's much more fun and interesting this way.

kathryn said...

i'm imagining the quilt worn superhero-style, giving you special powers to draw late into the night...
thanks for the tag, i'd love to join in but am midway through an essay
'From The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie to The Science of Sleep
Filming the lucid dream.'
and with 5 weeks to go til the end of my MA a ton o stuff to do.
oh, and it's 'different' not 'perfect' i don't know what a perfect future would be !
have a good day

Jesse said...

Oops! Sorry, Kathryn. I've changed the link ... (I'm so embarrassed)...
Good luck with all the work!

Alison said...

Hello! I did do the 7 things thing back in May (see?), but I may be able to come up with 7 more things...

Thea said...

Thanks Jesse for interesting facts on what you like, must say thats much more interesting. love the cup of tea too.Thea

natascha said...

It's so original to answer the tagging "thing" with pictures!. I managed to make my list today!
Now I need a tea!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I FINALLY got round to replying to your tag today. See here: