Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Time Wasting

Yesterday Heather wrote a very flattering post about my work, which, if you didn't know me, could create the impression that I use my time extremely productively. To correct that, here's proof that I'm not quite so focussed... Buttons! Sewn together! For my shoes! I like the idea of decorating Crocs, but the charms cost a fortune, and there aren't that many nice ones anyway.

It's easier to do with a button that has a shank, but flat buttons also work if you hold them a little distance apart when sewing them together. Sew through as many times as you can, and then a few more times to make sure.

I saw this idea on a website a few months ago, and didn't bookmark it. Now, Google as I might, I can't find it to credit it.

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Cristina said...

Those shoes are so expensive, i saw that on tv, and the mother that invented that only had the ideia because her daugters were puting thins inside the holes! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT :) Now with a simple ideia she is making millions, i'm happy for her, but please go slow with the price. Your tutorial, may i call that, is very good, thank you for sharing.