Friday, 2 November 2007


Delightfully creepy stories and drawings, updated every Friday, by Mrs Benitez at A Column Inch.

And here at home, waiting to have life stuffed into them:

Not quite as creepy, but it is a pile of bodies. Because you can't join a knitting webring and just never ever post about knitting.


Mrs. Benitez said...

Gosh, thank you - I'm honoured!

(Of course, it's not the first time my name has been connected with a mounting pile of bodies - but these are definitely more attractive than usual.) :)

Cristina said...

LOL. Knit girl...and please do not forget your fabrics ;) Do you have time for everything?

Carson said...

No, you can't! ;)
Although I often feel like I'm operating under false pretenses with my lack of knitting on the blog

Anonymous said...

Hi Jezze, don't forget to take individual photo's of your knitted dolls for me for my collection of photo's I am building up on CD as well as hard copy file. Can't get enough of your dolls, they are beautiful.

Jesse said...

Hi! I've got photos of my dolls on my flickr page