Thursday, 6 December 2007

Printing in Italian

My printing tutorial translated into Italian, on Indie-guest! Do go and have a look at this fantastic blog - there's so much lovely stuff that I haven't seen anywhere else.

In other news, and before anyone follows my printing instructions too far, I noticed a worrying thing happening to my lino blocks:

Erosion. The sharp lines on the left are turning into those blurry ones on the right. I asked for advice at my local art shop, and they said they'd never heard of this happening to lino before. Neither have I, but there it is..... Could be that it's old lino, but I have a hunch it's something to do with the fabric paint. I've bought some 'easy-cut lino' to try, though I'm not sure what it's made of - it's plasticky texture makes me think that it will seriously undermine any eco-credits I might be earning with this printing process. If the 'easy-cut' doesn't work, I think I'll have to move on to wood blocks (which is rather tempting anyway...)

If anyone has any ideas about what's causing this devastation, please let me know!


suzanne said...

Oh wow Jesse, thank you for the 'Indie-guest' heads-up - what a great site! And your printing tutorial in Italian - that's very cool! (Sorry I have no useful suggestions re: the lino erosion)

Freshly Found said...

Well done on having your work translated! I enjoyed wondering around the Indie-guest sight too! Surprised to find that I had a very small mention a few posts back on the "sweet paul" article!

Caty said...

I guess is the painting. Easy-cutting usually works great

Anonymous said...

I have easy cut and i like the way it works, however it doesnt print as nicely on fabric.
Ive seen the erosion like yours on my own blocks. I find anything oil based will cause this to happen. That, and not completely drying between washings.

I'd go to wood too if i were you. Especially if youre planning on printing on fabric:)

Your work is gorgeous!


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