Monday, 4 February 2008

Looking for home

Prints of this little bird have just been listed in my print and paper Etsy shop!

There's another short story from my comic on the Oshun blog on Book SA, as well.

(I promise there'll be some actual block printing content on the blog tomorrow - if you're not tired of all this comic stuff yet, I am. Everything's pretty much organised for the launch, except of course for the one big thing that I'm bound to have forgotten, but I won't know what that is till Friday, because it's something I've forgotten, and that's how it works....)


starashan said...

I love your little bird!

Good luck with the launch on Friday. :o)

Freshly Found said...

Very excited about Friday - even though it is from a distance! Hope that you have a major feature on Jezzeblog about it all on Sat [or Sun or Mon!]

Kaija said...

Yay! I just got an email from Kalahari letting me know that your book is on its way to Turku!

Now it's my turn to be in agony with deadlines. Things must be left last minute for sure...