Wednesday, 26 March 2008


This sweet little cupcake is by Jessie Olsen of Cakespy, a great blog that's mostly about cakes. Jessie found me via Skinny laMinx (Thanks, Heather!), and interviewed me about my book I Don't Like Chocolate. You can read the interview here, and be sure to check out the rest of Cakespy while you're there. You'll be craving cake for breakfast!

Thanks for all the well-wishes yesterday - I'm mostly better, and I'm listing more tapes on Etsy today. (I started and then the internet went awry, but I'll keep trying.)


Andrea said...

great interview...that was fun to read Jesse :)

kat said...

ahh - as a cupcake baker (and addict) I am a fan of cakespy! Glad to see you're featured and that you're getting some nice coverage.

Mrs. Tex Benitez said...

A lovely interview - congrats.

And you've got a new fan - my mum! She ferreted out my copy of your book when she was visiting recently, and I had to check her suitcase to make sure she didn't run off with it. (And this after years of rolling her eyes at my comic collection.)