Friday, 14 March 2008


*Or'droolsoakers', if you prefer.

Teething babies drool a lot. Saliva just drips out of their gaping mouths. The term 'baby venom' has crept into common usage around here.

The venom doesn't just damage remote controls; with nothing to soak it up, skin rashes can occur. Ordinary bibs for feeding aren't thick or absorbent enough. The best ones seem to be heirloom cotton crocheted numbers, but there are only so many of those around, and they look like they'll take ages to make. A quick solution: grab a stitch dictionary, pick some non-curling stitches and a ball of white cotton.

The neckband has a small buttonhole near the end. Stitch a button to the top corner of the bib, on whatever you decide the wrong side is (so it won't be fiddled with too much). Test it on the baby first, making sure it's a snug fit.

Next I'm tempted to make some ruffled collars... a tiny clown will be even more creepy than an adult one....

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Freshly Found said...

Love your creative expression! Some lovely knitting with a very useful purpose!