Tuesday, 27 May 2008


This little lot have been staring at me all weekend as I paint up a final version for a book cover. I sometimes wish I could leave these illustrations in a rough state, closer to the pencil drawing, but hey, I don't call the shots here.

About the ceramic transfers in my last post (and thank you for all the encouraging comments on those) :

I don't know an awful lot about the process, but what I do know is that the transfers are silkscreened with special ink. After they're applied to the ceramics, the pieces are fired, and then they're pretty permanent. It is possible to print transfers yourself, and Gocco does have inks for this. I had mine printed from drawings I'd done; the minimum number of sheets printed tends to be quite high, 50 in this case, and given how much drawing can fit onto an A4 sheet of paper, that's a lot of transfers. So while the printing and the firing are expensive, I'll be using this batch for a while. It's not a very DIY enterprise, what with the silkscreening and the firing being done by professionals, but I suppose I can't do everything at home.

Tutorial with pictures to follow soon, once my partner-in-crime returns.

My Lazy Upholstery tutorial made it onto Whipup this weekend! Hi to everyone who's popped in from there, and thanks for all the comments!

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Freshly Found said...

What a privilege to be able to create such beautiful people!