Friday, 20 June 2008


Another working drawing for a linocut. This one's going to be tweaked quite a bit, some lines being thickened up, others made finer; it's not quite tight enough yet. But these are things that can be done in the cutting.

I'm off to print more swatches for the swap, because I've run out! Speaking of cloth, though, Brooke has written a lovely post at crosspollination about floral textiles, all produced south of the equator, and including my prints with two of my favourite designers. Have a look at the end of her post for some more links to beautiful textiles.

And don't forget about the monthly craft meeting at The Book Lounge* tomorrow afternoon, from 3pm.

*corner Roeland and Buitenkant Streets, central Cape Town.


Babazeka said...

Beautiful Jesse. Love the floral design :)

lula cat said...

Beautiful design!

P.S I can't believe i missed the Craft meeting again!!

kat said...

Sorry I missed it, hope a productive time had by all : )