Friday, 19 September 2008

Billions of blinking badges

My head is spinning a bit from a day of figuring out shipping costs... I discovered (and there's no excuse for not having known this) that my local branch of Postnet charges a different shipping rate to a branch in town. Armed with this info, I phoned around, and found that all the branches I contacted have their own unique and different rates. It makes no sense to travel some distance to access a lower shipping rate, because that cancels out the saving.... so I've been juggling figures and conversion rates, squinting at awkwardly designed brochures (white on red - why?), and I think I've resolved things. Most of the rates in my shop stay pretty much the same, but I'm less likely to lose out on the deal than I have in the past. (And should I overquote on a shipping charge, rest assured that I'll refund you the difference immediately.)

I've listed some tiny little things, sets of button badges, in my shop.


Inklore said...

oh, I know just how you feel. I just added international shipping to my shop this week and I'm crossing my fingers that I did it right. Cute buttons:)

Freshly Found said...

Well I never! I would have thought they would all be the same. How interesting. I should shop around too!
The badges are delish!