Friday, 5 September 2008

It's like Christmas

There's a very swanky wedding coming up this weekend. At the last wedding I went to, an auntie scolded me for not wearing lipstick, and offered me hers! I thought perhaps for this one I could Do Better. So, my kit includes: lash paint and lip colour from Twink Beauty, in a beautiful Wren pouch that's big enough to hold my nifty collapsible brush/mirror too.

The Twink products are lovely. I'm too messy/untidy/lazy to be a very girly girl, and I've also spent a bit too much time on Skin Deep finding out about all the scary stuff that goes into miracle creams and everlasting make-up, so cosmetics are a novelty for me. These are just what I wanted: natural ingredients, and subtle enough that I don't feel 'made up'. (I bought an eye pencil from Zosimos Botanicals, too - also great!)

I don't know of anyone in South Africa selling similar cosmetics, and the ones I could find here are imported, but if you know of any, please let me know.

And then, this morning, this arrived:

From The Shopping Sherpa, who won a copy of my I Don't Like Chocolate book. YUM!!!!


Eilandkind said...

ooooh, I love that birdie pouch...

Tina said...

Thanks for the Skin Deep link. According to the site, everything I put on my skin contains ingredients that cause cancer ... yikes.

Mila said...

What a gorgeous birdie pouch! Love it..