Monday, 29 September 2008

Lazier than the lazy girl

My old couch was a lovely pale green, but badly stained, appeared to have been in a flooded room at some point, and had been looked after by cat owners, so the arms were ripped and tattered. But it's so comfy, and I like the shape. Far too lazy to contemplate a full upholstery job myself, and also too lazy to deal with upholsterers who never phone back, and never arrive when they say they will, I've done a temporary fix!

First I painted it black with fabric paint and a big brush - it had to be black to cover the stains. Then I made paper patterns for the parts that needed patching, zigsagged the raw edges of the patches, and sewed them on by hand. And finally a bit of Lazy Girl Upholstery for the seat cushions.

Now all I need is a bit of sunshine streaming through that window. Oh, and maybe black wheels.


Cecile said...

wow thats an impressive fixup! i would never have thought of using fabric paint :)

Leanne Graeff said...

Great job on the sofa. I also love your new Avetar!

Laura Bucci said...

Looks pretty good from here. I have a couch project too...for one of these days.

painted fish studio said...

i like lazy!

Freshly Found said...

I Just LOVE it! So much more interesting than a predictable upholstery job.
Fabric paint! Jesse, my mind is buzzing and I can already think of a project I am itching to do!
What fabric paint did you use?

Lilly Web said...

Love the work on the sofa, nothing better than comfy couches that have become worn and you don't want to get rid off, I just love it.

Kat said...

What a great solution! I may create some just to protect my actual in OK shape couch from muddy dog paws and my spilled coffee! Pop 'em off and toss in wash! Bingo! Not lazy. Brilliant. And no more torn cuticles from my Ikea slipcover.

And I can make them out of cute fabric without committing.

OMG. Made my day.