Tuesday, 2 September 2008

More Thank Yous

More cake* (there's just a little bit left) to say thank you for all your comments on yesterday's post.

A whole lot more thank yous (some quite late - I'm sorry!) to all the people who've mentioned my prints recently:

Kim Gray
Hen's Teeth
and Holly from decor8 put together a fabulous slideshow of Etsy fabric sellers on Domino.

*The cake is from a recipe sent to me by a super-generous person! It's a chocolate ginger cake, with stout. Googling for recipes, I couldn't find it to link to, but similar recipes abound, although they are slightly more complicated than this version. I didn't have the right baking tin, so I made it in 2 loaf tins, which could account for the dent in the middle of each slice. Still tastes great, though.

I used good old Castle Milk Stout, instead of fancy imported dark beer. It's years since I had any, and my goodness, it's not a genteel drink! To think I could go through 6 or more bottles of this in an evening, once upon a time....


Gustav Bertram said...

You drink / used to drink Milk Stout?

Rock on!

sooziebee said...

Hey,so glad you loved the cake, if I get anymore good recipes i know where to send them!! Also, we (well, ok, 'I')have been thinking about SA for a holiday next March, whats the weather like then over there?

Cindy said...

Looks yummy! I may have to try to find a recipe for it!