Wednesday, 17 September 2008

New towels

I hope you're not tired of photos of my house, because Irene from Bloesem asked me to take part in her Private Museum series, in which bloggers show off their favourite design pieces in their homes. Head on over here to see my stove in all it's glory! (And scroll down for more, there are some really lovely photos.)

My stove is showing off the new Vapour tea towel (above), in thick cotton hopsack, perfect for those times when people complain about their ice cream melting, or their beer being too warm.

I've also printed up sets of matching tea towels on a thinner hopsack. Steam, Vapour, and now Smoke - because accidents happen in even the best kitchens.

All these towels are now in my shop.


Cristina said...

I'm not tired at all! Those towels are GORGEOUS!
What time do you live home, so i can make an extra visit!!!!
Hehehehe, just joking ;)

HB said...

What a beautiful shot where towel and stove compliment each other.

Anonymous said...

These tea towels are great! I'm one of those annoying people who complains about my beer not being cold enough... so Vapour's my favourite ^-^