Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Etsy in South Africa

Etsy is taking off in South Africa - look at all the things you can buy online!

From left to right, top to bottom: scootah's egg cozies; MayBeMe's creatures; mama4earth's cute animals; mytile's tiles; FreshlyFound's glove cushions; TheSteamerTrunk's vintage patterns; sofiakemm's jewellery; redreflector's rings; and christyannebestwick's jewellery.

(Shameless lies from me yesterday - no new cushions in my shop today, because I have no new photos of them, because I've been doing a spot of illustration work. Maybe tomorrow...)


Wendren said...

Cool to see. Wow it really is taking off. I never realised there were so many of us now. Great! :)

Cicada Studio said...

I'd like to see Etsy be more global. I know it's there, but the American presence is so extreme. Well, it's what we're all about really, I guess.

Cecile said...

HI jezze,
Thught you might like t see Yur framed pics in my huse! aargh, i dnt have the etter that cmes between n and p n my keybard !!! messed tea n it!

Chic and Charming said...

beautiful, i love the little big

dustin said...

HAHAH I really like the black and White one I think it was the middle one all the way to the left.