Thursday, 20 November 2008


Pocket mirrors, now in my shop. Each mirror comes with a sweet little printed pouch to protect it.

I found a great article on what it takes to be really good at what you do*, and it fitted very neatly with something I've noticed in the CraftSanity podcasts: all the people interviewed have been doing some form of what they're doing now since childhood.

A friend's daughter once phoned me for advice about a school project. We discussed stencils and paper-mache and things for a while, getting quite excited, and then she asked me where she could get the supplies. I had no real clue... I think that's the first time I realised that not everyone has a stash of old cardboard boxes, newspapers, and three different kinds of glue at home.

*found via A Dress A Day


kat said...

These look gorgeous.

Lori said...

These are so pretty! And your line about not realizing that not everyone has a stash of cardboard etc. cracks me up. I do that all the time: "you could just make one of those, you don't have to buy it. What do you mean you don't have the stuff to make it? Who doesn't have the stuff to make stuff?"

alex said...

interesting article. except it means i have to figure out what i want to do and get on to doing 10,000 hours of it!

Anonymous said...

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Heather Moore said...

Your mirrors are so cute and I love the pouches.

And now I know why I eventually quit playing the violin. 10 000 hours is a lot of hours!

Brittany Noel said...

I love these! Sometimes, I really do wish I had a little mirror.