Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Working holiday

Snippet from a book cover

Today's a public holiday, but I'm working. It's quite nice, working on a holiday - living on a busy road means you have a real sense of the texture of the week, and today is very very quiet.

I love painting. I should do more of it, not just when I get paid for it. I should do more drawing, too. (I sense a New Year's resolution forming, so I'm going to stop now, before it gets out of hand.)


Carina said...

Looks lovely!

I too should paint more, in fact I did it today. Yay!

And, oh dear, for the last couple of years, my new year's resolution has been to draw more. Every day. Not been able to actually do it so far...

Maybe next year. ha ha... ;-)

Anairam said...

And I used the public holiday to go and see the Kentridge exhibition at SANG!