Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Pretty practical

Journal by painted fish studio

Coasters by purpose design

Two very lovely and practical gifts I got for myself this Christmas. The journal is, despite it's gorgeousness, not at all too intimidating to scribble in. The pages are thick and lightly textured, providing a very satisfying 'tooth' for a pencil to glide over.

Please don't laugh when I say I've been looking for coasters for ages. I have the kind of furniture that requires them. But vintage coasters just look too retro, as if I've dressed my house up for a party. Modern ones aren't simple enough. These are functional, simple, and slightly quirky - they have magnets on the back, so they can be stored on the fridge, and you can write on them with chalk!


sooziebee said...

HI Jesse
happy New Year to ya and thanks for the lovely comment on my blog about the hearty cards, I've really enjoyed doing them and hope to start selling a bit more on Etsy, fingers xd. Love the coaster by the way x

painted fish studio said...

wow, i am flattered that you posted about the journal! i'm so glad you like it, i hope you use it and abuse it! :)

i haven't picked up a frame for my wonderful print yet, i really should have done that when i had more free time. soon, soon!

Anairam said...

Such cool coasters! I have some coasters (although I do not use them) - but I like that these are multi-purpose - great idea ...