Tuesday, 19 May 2009


This photo's for you, Sam!

I'm currently deep in the Land of 140 Zips, so there's not much to show yet, but I was thrilled to be featured on Inklore's Link:lore feature today!


Freshly Found said...

140 zips! Sounds like the results will be fantastic, but inserting them must be a nightmare!?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
I found you a couple of weeks ago when looking for block printing info. What a gift! For me to find you and your wonderful blog!! Sharing creative ideas can only add to everyone's day.. I need to know where you get the tags featured on your blog today. Tags have been an issue for me and these might work. Keep sharing, Lawre

Inklore said...

Oh my gracious Jesse...that is a lot of zips. I have to do 10 today and I'm already putting it off....Can't wait to see them all finished!

Jesse said...

Lawre, I'm afraid those are just the tags off the ends of the zips. But I'm glad you've found the block printing info useful.