Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Reading List

Waiting for me on the couch:

Wordless Books: The Original Graphic Novels (and in SA), The Fruit Hunters (SA), and Printmaking (SA)

I've only dipped into them so far, but they all look delicious.

See? A page from Wordless Books.


HomeSweet Jenny said...

Oooooh, "PRINTMAKING"... sounds like something that I'd be engrossed in, too!

Freshly Found said...

Aah vintage books! The printmaking one looks especially inviting.

Fatima said...

ooh pls let me know how the printmaking one turns out.
sounds interesting (and also because i'm off to the US in a few months...i just can't wait for delivery here in SA)

andrea said...

My eyes immediately went to that Printmaking book :)

Anonymous said...

for the printmaking books, is that a listing for two different books at amazon and kalahari.
because it seems like it...
one is called:
The Printmaking Bible: The Complete Guide to Materials and Techniques

and the other:

Printmaking: Traditional and Contemporary Techniques

Two different books, or the same thing?

Jesse said...

Fatima, it seems to be the same book, published with a different cover. The one is a UK publication and the other a US one. (I used Amazon's 'look inside' to check the contents) I got mine from The Book Lounge in Cape Town, by the way.

Anonymous said...

thanks for letting me know :)

thought i was going a little bit crazy :)

Parusha said...

Nice to know what you're reading. Printmaking looks very interesting. And I love those old, vintagey finds of yours!