Monday, 7 December 2009


Images from The Letterpress Company

If you've been sighing over all the letterpressed stationery available online, and thought you'd have to spend a small fortune in shipping charges before you could get your hands on some, you should know about The Letterpress Company in Cape Town.

They're having a gifting event on Wednesday the 9th at The Hall Collection, 31 De Lorentz St, Tamboerskloof, where they'll be selling note cards, writing paper sets, cotton journals and more. See their website for contact details.

(A fantasy: taking a cross-country drive, stopping at every small-town newspaper office, searching for bits and pieces of presses and plates. I was already at university when our local paper got around to throwing out printing plates, and it was a few years later that a friend picked up a box that had belonged to the Temperance Society. Not that long ago.

Of course, 20 years ago you could buy letterpress ink from these same small-town printers, and now it's looking like I'll have to order from overseas.)

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flowerpress said...

Isn't it beautiful. I want to letterpress!
Definitely on my dream list for future projects. I just love the classic look. Your work would look great in letterpress Jesse :-)