Tuesday, 18 May 2010


When my supplier of cotton tape closed down, I freaked out a bit. I couldn't find the same tape anywhere, and nothing with a red line woven through it. I said goodbye to my scissor-printed ribbon.

And now it's back! I've found a local factory that makes a beautiful unbleached pure cotton tape, even better than what I had before. The dotted line is now printed, rather than woven into the tape, which means that I can produce scissor ribbon in loads of new colours.

I've listed a whole batch of new ribbons in my shop, so far only red scissors, but other colours will follow very soon.


Anabel Fournier said...

can't wait to see the other colors! Looks great with the printed dotted line.

Brittany Noel said...

I'm so excited that you found a new supplier! I love it when something like that happens, especially if the product is even better. Can't wait to see the new colors :)

V said...

I nominated YOU for a blog award, so GO FETCH IT!

Snip snip I LIKE :D When you doing give aways??

Hélène Magnússon said...

That´s good news!

V said...

well skat,
you got the award because your blog is awesome.
What you think I follow you for my health? Of course not, i follow you becoz I have yet to devise a scheme on how i can stick my hands through the screen here!!!