Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Who knew? Print on black fabric using pretty much undiluted Opaque Medium, and it shows up!

Other things I've learned so far about covering buttons by hand without a button press:

big buttons are easier than small ones;
long fingernails are an advantage, up to a certain level of pain;
after that, use a pair of tweezers to push the fabric under the teeth of the button;
the shiny metal of the button will show through stretched fabric, so put a circle of interfacing over the button first;
use the backing disc of the button to draw the right size circle of interfacing;
loosely-woven, pliable fabric is best;
felt should presumably be a dream to use, but printing on it is not a dream at all;
if the button will not close, give up and try again with different fabric;
using pliers to close difficult buttons is a bad idea (hollow metal dome + excessive force = dent).

Of course I made this bunch of buttons while I was supposed to be doing something else, and it would be best if I went and finished that other thing before listing these in my shop, but I will have them there soon.


Kayanna said...

LOVE! Let us know as soon as their up in the shop... I want to get my paws on some of the black ones!

Kayanna said...


Cristina said...

They are gorgeous, apart from the work that they need.
i've tried some buttons last month, and yes it is a precise job, congrats for your patience ;)

ibb said...

Love those experiments with black.

Heloise said...

Oh I do like!

Anonymous said...

What about painting the button first to match the fabric so the shiny doesn't show?