Tuesday, 19 October 2010


On Saturday we were invited to have a look at the new Biodiversity Garden in Greenpoint Park. We saw animals and plants...

...fish looking at their own reflections...

...and beautiful views in every direction.

The park will open in November.


L'Atelier said...

super fabulous! thanks for the guided tour,love your photos and looking forward to visiting in nov

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I thought I'd comment on your most recent post to let you know how impressed I am with ALL your creative endeavors, including, of course, your 'printing' artistry!

I found your blog through Gina's (the Tatting Goddess) blog, where she linked to your September 2009 post about tatting. I'm also glad you won Krystle's earrings and that you appreciate the beauty of tatting!

I'm impressed that you successfully improved the typical (and confusing) illustrations found in all the 'vintage' (and even some modern) tatting books/magazines. These have frustrated would-be tatters for years (decades? a century?), and I was among those who were confused!

I tried to learn to tat from those old 'diagrams'for 30 years and got nowhere, finally learning (from a person showing me how) at age 45, 20 years ago! I always wondered why they couldn't more accurately draw those images!

So congratulations on taking them on! Great job!

Happily, today we do have videos and Youtubes. An EXCELLENT book (complete with DVD) is the one by Janette Baker, called "Learn How to Tat". I highly recommend it! (learnhowtotat.com)

She confirmed my opinion that the chain should be taught first, with two different color threads. However, her quick demo video on her site shows how to do the ring, and it's very clear.
Enlarge the view if you can!

I am also quite impressed with your knitting and crocheting! You're quite a talented gal!

ibb said...

Lovely place, art, plants, flowers and calm. Perfect to feel art in nature.