Friday, 5 November 2010


Vintage Pattern Lady cards are now in my shop, in 2 colour combinations and a completely silly number of speech bubble/thought bubble/dress pattern combinations.

Each card is printed with 3 different blocks, so they were fun to print - but a nightmare to list in the shop! I thought of listing them in sets, because they're so light that it makes sense to ship them in quantities, but really didn't know how to match them up. Instead, I've listed them individually, and left the set-making up to you: there's no additional shipping on extra cards, so you'll only pay the minimum shipping price, no matter how many you order.

(Capetonians: you can now buy these cards at Abode at the Biscuit Mill, as well as my dictionary bird print!)


Unknown said...

they are really fab! should be tracking to abode to get some!!!

Kristen said...

So original! Love them!

Mbabazi said...

i love these . ima from uganda .i make handmade cards and other little things .thanks for inspiration
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