Friday, 12 November 2010


The last postcards from the swap have arrived, and they're beautiful!

This one from Sarah:

This one from Sonya:

Thank you!!


L'Atelier said...

gasph! they are really really amazing!

Freshly Found said...

And I loved your crochet pattern post too. Makes me drool!

Pavinee said...

Wow! They are both beautiful. You are so lucky ;-D

Anairam said...

Thse cards are amazingly beautiful! I like the idea of combining sewing with cards. I have made a few semi-embroidered cards now. I have started a series of alphabet cards based on the one I sent you. PS I had to laugh at that man's sleeping helmet below! Is it a joke or is it true? My goodness, I think I will have a heart attack if I turn around in bed and see L'Usband wearing one of those!

Sonya Philip said...

Yay! So glad it got there (finally!) thanks so much for the swap.