Monday, 10 January 2011

Green Foam

More test prints using foam and perspex blocks. Trying to figure out the pitfalls of this method (very few apparent so far).

Pondering the next question: what's the best way to cut perspex? I know I can get it done, but that would be the easy way.


Diana Ferreira said...

Hi Jesse
A little jigsaw will do the trick, and i guess my trusty little jewellery saw will also cut through 3 mm perspex (with a thicker blade)
Love what you are doing! Especially the dotty pattern!

gaby braun said...

Hi Jesse
with a jigsaw you can cut the perspex easy. And with a little practice and a good blade, you can cut ood designs on the foam.
Love your blog and you was the inspiration to make my own printed fabrics. Thanks!

Ine said...

Hi Jesse,
I simply cut the perspex (2mm thick) that I used for my blocks with a stanley knife, of course you can't cut through it in one go, but after a few times you get far enough to brake the perspex. It's pretty easy to do.

By the way, I really love your new prints!

Natasha Korff said...

This looks so funky!! I did the same with foam an glass. unfortunately one of my frameless photoframes had to suffer. oops. but they are so cheap at crazystore and clicks. And they are readycut. I stuck the foam down with Pritt. I haven't tried, but I'm sure it can be washed in the dishwasher.

Skinny laMinx said...

Love the prints. I know a friendly laser cutter, if you're feeling las-y... :)

Jesse said...

Glass is a good idea! I can get it cut to size at the shop up the road - easy. I wondered about using Pritt; I'll do a test to see whether it stands up to being washed.

Jesse said...

Hmm, will have to remember not to press too hard on the glass, though.