Tuesday, 21 June 2011


 Making the deadline with moments to spare, as usual - my brooch for the Flower Press brooch swap.

It wasn't all laziness and procrastination; there was a lot of dithering and pondering, unpicking and restarting. I think I finally ended up with something that has just enough, and not too much.

(I know I promised a tutorial for the brooches, and I've no idea how or why time has run away from me like this ... sniffles and teaching and exhibitions have something to do with it, but the tutorial is on my list.)

1 comment:

flowerpress said...

Its beautiful Jesse! I love it :-)
I love the rose and those lightest of light blue french knots around the edge.
And after using a bit of embroidery on my brooch I suddenly have so much respect for those tiny perfect stitches.