Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Getting ready

Getting ready for Decorex. Part 1 - I suspect all my posts this week will be Getting Ready for Decorex, because that's all I'm doing. Great fun, but one slip and everything will go to pieces.

So far all the prints have come out perfectly, except for one cushion cover. But I had a spare! A spare! Can't quite believe how organised I seem to be.

I did want to show all my best prints, in their most beautiful colour combinations. After half an hour of planning (faffing, really) I panicked and just started printing on whatever appeared first in the pile. This is my version of being organised.


Ganz und Garn said...

You made my day, I am soooo laughing by now. It much sounds like me, this whole "organised" thingy. I totally love your prints, good luck for the show!

Carina said...

I suspect you're not alone, Jesse! ;-)

That photo is so beautiful. All those prints together... :-)

lamina @ do a bit said...

ha ha ha ... I'm really organised like that to most of the time.. hilarious! Love prints and colour.. Gorgeous!

Sonya Philip said...

Your prints are gorgeous and I am sure they will be very well received!

Anonymous said...

It was lovely to meet you today, and these prints ~ I like... nope, sorry, love!