Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Cold Curing

Does everyone know about this stuff? Because it's amazing! Just add a bit to the fabric ink, and no need to heat set.

The bottle advises adding 2.5ml to 250ml of ink. Please do check my maths, but I've worked it out at 3 drops per tablespoon (using metric drops rather than medical drops, whatever that really means, and just because 1/20 seems like a friendlier fraction than 1/12).


yardage girl said...

Wow - have never seen it before but would love to know more. Have you been able to test it yet?

flowerpress said...

I thought for a minute it was zinc or something to fix your flu!
Love to hear if it works well.

Anonymous said...

This is really useful, just remember it cures or sets all the ink you add it to - maybe wasting leftover ink. But certainly good to use just each time you print!

Jesse said...

That was the problem I had with Union Aerotex, but I recall having to add smaller amounts to the ink - it was only practical to mix about 3 tablespoonfuls at a time, rather than 1. So the waste with this is a bit less.

There is a note on the bottle: "The cold cure medium will only remain active for 24 hours. After this the product will return to normal and the medium will have to be added again." So perhaps this one works a little differently. I'd imagine there's a limit to how many times you could add the medium, though.

Alisa said...

Oh *sighs* my heart leapt for a minute there *Sniff! Sniffle!* ; )