Monday, 19 March 2012


Have you seen those ads with the slimy bar of soap that the kids are too scared to touch? So they don't wash their hands, and come down with dread diseases that cause them to miss weeks of school. Anyway.... I think the idea is to sell you liquid soap.

I'm not scared of slimy soap, but olive oil soap does have a tendency to dissolve into useless goo towards the end if it doesn't get a chance to dry out. Looking for soap dishes, I wandered into one of those inexplicably pleasing shops that sell 'storage solutions' and found a plastic brush-like soap dish that cost quite a lot of money. On the way home I wandered into the supermarket and bought a few cheap scrubbing brushes.

Result: inexplicably pleasing cheaply stored solid soap.


opportunityknits said...

Brilliant! Love ideas like these.

sakurasnow said...

Ha... I balance my soap on a nail brush (just like this!) - keeps the soap dry AND means there's always a brush handy for removing ink and paint and such like :)