Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Wrap some seaweed round your neck to keep the cold away!

The pattern is Loken by Berroco, and it's free. I used mystery acrylic, and didn't bother with gauge because:
a) I don't know how to measure crochet gauge.
b) I didn't think it would matter.

And it doesn't really matter, here. The pattern is rated for experienced crocheters, but I think that's just because there are no charts. Draw your own sketchy annotated diagrams for the motifs, and then it's fairly simple. It's quite a fun thing to wear; there are lots of different ways to drape it, and you can even wear it as a sort of hood. I couldn't manage a friendly-face pic of that, though, what with holding the camera still at arm's length and dodging the schnauzer that must be in every single picture taken in this house.


Cristina said...

It looks stunning. Congrats.

Jane McLellan said...

Looks wonderful, I like that.