Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Sometimes everything I say comes out wrong.

Sometimes it comes out exactly the way I thought it. Which is even worse.

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Jane McLellan said...

What can I say?

Marisa said...

Definitely can relate! But my words would be more like loose teeth falling haphazardly out of my mouth, hitting the floor and shattering into little pieces.

sakurasnow said...

You and me both, Jesse ;)
These are wonderful drawings - the first one produces an all too familiar "yikes, did I just say that out loud" feeling in me!
(P.S. I hope neither of these are the case with any talking you might be doing at the Book Lounge on Saturday. Good luck - wish I could be there!)

Billy said...

I love these two pieces, love them! Specially the one with the knife, I identify (too much?) with it.