Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Cinders at Downton?

Every so often there's a chance to have a bit of fun with an illustration brief! At first I really wasn't sure how to redraw the Cinderella story in an interesting way, but as I was scribbling, the pot plant on the stand appeared, and the rest fell into place.

Clearly Downton Abbey is still on my mind.

(All artwork commissioned and owned by Maskew Miller Longman publishers.)


sakurasnow said...

These are great Jesse - are they done in coloured pencil crayon? Beautiful!
I haven't seen Downton Abbey so don’t have that to reference, but the Cinders/Downton 'remix' works really well... and I love that colourful basket of laundry!

Sonya Philip said...

I love it! The Dowager translates well into the wicked stepmother, as do Mary and Edith.