Wednesday, 21 November 2012


The Citymob sale is finally over, and that's just a small section of the pile of cushion covers waiting for delivery!

If you missed the sale, there's still a good deal over at We Heart This - they're offering R25 shipping on all deliveries till the beginning of December.

Very exciting for me: I'm doing nothing today. I might read a book. Maybe. I might just sleep. Or stare out the window. Even checking Pinterest feels a bit too much like work at the moment.....

Doing the sale was great, but leaping into it after a lot of illustration work was tough. I hadn't done any printing for weeks. Before the illustrations started I was getting things in order, washing and cutting fabric, checking zip stocks etc so that when orders came in I could just grab some fabric and print. (I think it's called 'streamlining your order fulfilment process'. I read that somewhere.) I dropped all that for the drawing, which was pretty full-time, till about 9pm every night. 

So.... there was a lot of catching up to do. My lead times for orders presume that all my ducks are sitting nicely in a row, not that I have to hatch them from the eggs before I can even start! But there's nothing like working under pressure to streamline things, and now my Order Fulfilment Process has been through a wind tunnel. It's so aerodynamic it's slippery. 

Oh, and in case you're interested in sewing machines, you should know that you totally can adjust the bottom thread tension on an Elna 3210 yourself, even though it's not in the manual and they tell you at the shop that you must never ever fiddle with it. When it's 10:30 pm and the machine has been making scary noises all day, there's nothing left to lose. Grab a screwdriver, find the screw on the bobbin case, and give it a small twist. Sweet relief!


Anonymous said...

Wowzer - that is quite a pile of cushions! Hope you've had an absolutely splendid day doing nothing :)

Irene said...

Lovely blog, lovely inspiring work, I may try to print my own fabric. I accidentally show your blog and can't stop reading your posts! You are very talented and organized. I' ll stay in touch!