Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Better late than never (as usual)

Last year I couldn't find a calendar I liked, so I made my own. This year's free printable calendars are a bit of a feast, and I love this one from Valentina Ramos.

I'm fussy about calendars. I get so used to the one I have that changing to a new one is unsettling. So there are rules: a calendar needs to look good, and look good in black and white. It must be easily legible from across the room. It must be on a vertical page, so it can fit on a clipboard. And the week should start on Sunday. Because it does.

There were a few other contenders, so if you're still on the lookout for a free printable calendar, here are my favourites, in no order of preference:

Sparkle Meets Pop
Little House on the Corner
Three Little Black Birds
Bubbo Tubbo

So hard to choose just one! Perhaps every room needs it's own calendar.


Emily | Sparkle Meets Pop said...

Thanks for including my calendar! I'm totally the same way, which is why I had to do my own. :)

Christine said...

Wow! We're so flattered to have our calendar included in this list of amazing free printables. With all of these great designs, I'm starting to think you're right about every room needing a calendar!

Jane McLellan said...

Thanks for calendar links. My husband has very strict requirements of calendars too, so I'll see if any of these match his specs!

ibb said...

I think each person need its own calendar. Some look them a lot, others no. Some have one at work, others have the beautiful photo one at kitchen...
Everyone must find which one suits better

Danya Ristić said...

Fun! Thanks for sharing these.

Jessica said...

Love it! I printed the same one you did and have been having a blast doing some adult coloring. I even got my 6yo into it.