Friday, 1 February 2013

Encyclopaedia of Dreariness Part 3

Just a short entry.
He looks a bit more dashing than in the original picture.

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Jennifer M. said...

I'm confused. Is this supposed to be part of a series of entries? I'm a new reader, but I glanced back through my blog reader to October and didn't see any mention of parts 1 and 2, to understand what you're referencing here. Maybe you could add some links?

Jesse said...

Sorry! Updated with a link and a label. Thanks!

Anairam said...

Oh! I like this - the name (hahaha)and the drawings! It makes me want to go back to my old BC project - making Bad (mostly) or Beautiful (not yet) Copies of old art exhibition invites. I do battle to draw - it doesn't come naturally unfortunately... Your Encyclopaedic illustrations would be magnificent as woodcuts or linocuts or etchings!