Monday, 3 June 2013

Back Home

We're home, still a bit shaky after the long flight, but deliciously well-rested in all other ways. We ate a ton of good food, and walked till our feet were sore. It was cold enough to have to buy a scarf in Barcelona and umbrellas in Paris - but not as cold as it is in Cape Town now!

Two thoughts I had:
After seeing a bit of Barcelona, Antoni Gaudi's work doesn't seem as peculiar to me as it did before; the whole city is encrusted with tiles and carvings and bits 'n bobs, and his buildings in that context are wonderfully logical. (The photo is of tiles at the Park Guell in Barcelona.)

How great it must be to live in a city with a public transport system that seems to actually want you to get to places, rather than one that feels like some sort of punishment for not having a car. 

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Cristina said...

Public transports, you said the magic word, see what i miss.....
Good to know that you had a safe trip, and that you enjoyed the European history.